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Steve Rindsberg
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[How is it that with a Microsoft product, the installation is always a long continuous process? I mean I wait long enough for everything to download when I initially put in the disk. But then, as I try to use the product with its different features over the course of time, a screen always pops up saying this part of the program is not installed, and asking if I want to install it now.]

Probably because you accepted the "typical" install. Unless your idea of yourself aligns neatly with Microsoft's idea of "typical", that's generally not the best idea.

In any case, the typical Office install leaves a lot of optional features in this odd "Available but not installed" state. The feature appears on the menu/etc, but isn't really installed until you try to use it; at that point it asks if you want to install or not.

When they first introduced this in Office 2000, it meant that apps would often demand the install CD.
Sure ... I keep it right here in my wallet at all times.

Now, they drop most, if not all of the contents of the install CD in an out-of-the-way directory on your hard drive, so it's available at need. It generally won't demand the CD any longer. But if it's going to eat space no matter what, why not just install the features and be done with it?

Ah well. They didn't ask me.

Anyhow, if you do a custom install of Office instead, you can select the features you want, leave those you think you might want set as Available, and those you know you don't want as Unavailable.

You can probably re-run the installer, choose Custom and make these changes.
Or copy the contents of the install disk to your hard drive, then the next time it demands the CD, I think you'll be able to point it at the copy on your HDD.

Steve Rindsberg
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