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steve: DSL works over standard analog phone lines.
Right but they do something (abracadabra...'-}}) to the line to make magic DSL...

>>You may or may not need a filter ... so far (two different locations, two different phone systems) I haven't needed them, but they're just little squibs of wire with a gadget on the end ... plug them into the phone outlet, plug the phone into the filter. Might be a wee bit more complex if you have a two line system but I'd bet the installer will have filters for that too.

I did do a search on dsl filters a couple of weeks ago and discovered that I had the idea backwards--I thought the filter was used between the phone jack and the dsl modem but it's between the phone jack and anything that isn't DSL. One thing I've just discovered is that I can use my CapTel phone on a DSL'd line as long as I use the filter.

The tricky bit (as far as I'm concerned) about filters is it's my understanding that you can farkle to a faretheewell a device that should be filtered if you don't filter it but maybe I'm wrong about that too???

>>They're mostly a promise that "We won't give you a kbps more than you're paying for" not "Here's what you can count on."

Oh yeah...definitely...'-}}

>>Does anyone else in the neighborhood have the service? They could give you a better idea.

Yeah...my neighbor does and as I mentioned to Andrew, I did a quick test a few weeks ago--just pulled up my mail.com account and checked my mail--and it didn't seem any slower/faster than my Comcast account...

>>The quality of service from the vendor would be worth asking about too.

Hey! It's Verizon...perfection personified...LOL!!

>>Oh, and be sure to ask what the rate bumps to AFTER the "honeymoon" pricing period expires.

The 768Kbps is $17.99/month starting after the 6 month $12.99 teaser and the 3Mbps is $30 after the first free month--both with a 1 year contract. The month-to-month option is $37.99...


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