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Howard Allen
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Originally Posted by dthomsen8 View Post
Are you going to maintain a database of club members who can access these files, or will they register themselves? How will you know who is a member of the club, and who is not?

There are a good many userid and password mechanisms out there, some far more complex than others. However, first you need to decide who controls what, and what are the consequences, if any, if some non-member gets at the files. Try to avoid anything too complex.

Incidentally, 10 Mb is a small disk space by today's standards, so I wonder how practical your overall idea is going to be.
Thanks for the input.

Here's the scenario: I distribute a PDF version of a club newsletter to fewer than 100 members. I currently FTP the file to my webspace, then send an email message to the recipients, with a link to my webspace, telling them to click it and download the newsletter. I'd like to make the file available to paying members (I'd email them a password) but keep it unavailable to freeloaders, as much as possible.

The size of the PDF is rarely more than 2 MB, so the 10 MB webspace is not really an issue (unless the password gateway stuff takes more than that!). I'd remove the file after a few weeks grace period for tardy downloaders.

I could simply password protect the PDF file, but it's extremely irritating to have to key in a password every time you open the file locally (few of these people will have the full version of Acrobat, so most couldn't disable the password even if I told them how).

It seems like every second website on the net has a security login screen, so I was hoping it was a trivial matter--I'm beginning to think not.


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