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Originally Posted by iamback View Post
(I'm hoping I'll be able to set Vista - when I can no longer avoid it - to "classical" look as well: I want the least amount of distraction from the UI. My only worry is I heard Windows now not only tries to hide extensions and files from you, but actual paths as well. I hope that's an option also, or at least tweakable...)
Remember what I said about some of the wild tales going around?

You can set Vista to the Classic look just as in XP. Vista, like all versions of Windows since Win 95, does hide some files and folders by default, as well as file extensions. But you can turn then on the same as you do in earlier versions of Windows: Windows Explorer, Tools menu, Folder Options, View tab, Advanced Options.

The tree is on the left pane and the files on the right pane, as in earlier versions. The path is shown at the top of Explorer but as "breadcrumbs" rather than a path statement, so you can easily step back. The directory in use is highlighted in the left pane. Right-clicking on the file and selecting Properties shows the path in the traditional fashion. There is a feature that used to be a PowerToy whereby if you shift as you right-click a file, you have a Copy as Path option. You can then paste it into a document, forum message, etc.

Things have moved around quite a bit in Vista and it's jarring at first, but you quickly learn the new locations.

The main concern is which of your legacy apps and hardware will work. I've had very good luck with legacy apps and Vista and with my legacy hardware. There are workarounds that may enable older stuff to install, but they're not guaranteed to work.
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