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Originally Posted by Mike View Post
Probably something to do with the fact that vets' fees for cows are relatively low whereas those for horse are astronomical.
I think one reason they charge more for horses is that they're more likely to get hurt by a horse, so have to carry more insurance and are more often put out of action by horses. My regular vet stopped treating horses several years ago, so I now have one vet for the dog and another vet for the horses. And my horse vet refused to train for the current equine influenza vaccination campaign. Those vets who are doing the buffer zone (compulsory vaccination) report horrific experiences going into small acreage blocks where the horses are pets and have never been trained to respect people or behave themselves, and of course those properties don't have proper yards for handling the horses anyway.

Having said that, one of my horses misbehaved a little yesterday morning while the (EI accredited) vet doing the vaccination was trying to insert the RFID microchip (very large needle and associated pain). She was very badly treated before I got her. The other horse, the one I bred and trained, behaved impeccably, thank goodness!

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