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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
Not positive it will be helpful but we discussed this problem in another thread: Eudora vs Mac Mail, in which Steve Rindsberg explained how to update Eudora by moving files.

I had worked out something else by then, so didn’t try it, but it might work for you.
Well, he starts that with
Unless the Mac version of Eudora is wildly different from Windows versions, each mailbox/folder is a set of two files on you HDD. One's an index file, the other's the actual email, which is stored in plain old text format.
The problem is, it seems Eudora/Mac is wildly different in how it stores its data. On installation, it creates the "Eudora Folder", and within that a whole bunch of folders, including a "Mail Folder", with Inbox, Outbox, Junk and Trash files (all empty as created). But the problem seems to be that those are single files, not two files (with extension) each. Eudora/win also has an extra file within each folder that is an index to which (mail) folders (as opposed to mailboxes) it contains - I don't see any trace of that, I think it just uses the .DStore (sp?) the Mac creates for that.

I'll fiddle some more, maybe there's a way to do it - but I want tp be able to move backwards and forwards with it, so whatever conversion is needed shouldn't be much more than name changes (an scriptable) or it's not going to fly.

Spent half the day exploring some more (and getting myself stuck in various morasses, but still ending up being able to pull myself out of them - worst scare was a CD in the drive with no obvious way to eject it, but in the end I managed to burn a DVD).

Got myself a nice audio player as well (I hated iTunes when I tested it on the PC, and on the Mac I read its licensing agreement and decline: I and not going to allow the program to send data to iTunes/Apple about what I'm playing! Took me a while to figure out how to make Play (the new program) the default to open MP3 files: iTunes always wanted to open them (and then presented me with that license again) - but I found out how to do it in the end... so I've been listening to music stored on an external drive attached to Grace accessed over the (Gigabit) network while burning a DVD. I'm sure 2G memory and a fast processor have something to do with that!

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