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Default Thanks for the interest!

Hi all,

Josh Clark here, the developer of Big Medium. Many thanks for the notice, Kathleen. As a one-man shop, I rely on word of mouth and the kind words of customers. Thanks for helping to support indie software, it's much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Andrew B. View Post
If it's that simple to use, maybe they should have called it "The Big Easy."
I like it! In fact, my wife even lived in New Orleans for several years. Where were you a few years ago when I was naming this thing?

Marjolein wisely checked my site for CSS bonafides...
Originally Posted by iamback View Post
The basic to intermediate CSS know-how would probably be badly needed though: their homepage's CSS doesn't validate.
Thanks for your standards advocacy! You're quite right that Big Medium's CSS does not pass the W3C validator. However, the only non-standard property in Big Medium's CSS is the "zoom" property, which Big Medium uses to help Internet Explorer properly observe overflow rules. (Alas, the validator is also uneducated about CSS2 pseudo-classes like :first-child and :last-child).

Although "zoom" is an IE-proprietary property, it is used to target an IE-specific bug. Others may differ, but I find this type of usage to be very much in the spirit of CSS standards. This non-standard tag makes IE wise up and behave according to standards and has no adverse effects on other browsers. This usage is future-compatible, unlike other CSS hacks which may break as browsers evolve.

For several years, I was an all-or-nothing validation advocate, but I found that sometimes being too strict on this sometimes left me missing the forest for the trees. That is, it's not about standards for standards' sake but about making the code flexible, future-compatible, hack-free, and untied to any specific browser. In this case, the "zoom:1" style, while not strictly valid, is used knowingly and very much in that spirit. Browser-specific properties to fix browser-specific bugs seems appropriate.

While I'd prefer to use fully standards-compliant CSS, I found this to be the best (if imperfect) solution for achieving a desired effect while also meeting the *goals* of standards if not the exact syntax. In this case, I'm afraid that my normally dogmatic adherence to the CSS standards gave way to more concrete needs.

Again, not everyone may agree with this approach, but for what it's worth, it was carefully considered. With this exception, I think that you'll find Big Medium to generate clean CSS along with valid markup for your choice of HTML 4.01 (transitional or strict) or XHTML 1.0 (transitional or strict).

Originally Posted by iamback View Post
Quite apart from the fact that it isn't open source, of course.
Sounds like you're unlikely to try proprietary software. But for what it's worth, although Big Medium is not open-source software, the source code is open and available for browsing and hacking, even in the free trial version.

Big Medium has a small but friendly user community (around 1000 sites use Big Medium). If you need help, you can always rely on a personal, detailed response from me, the guy who created the software, within a business day.

Alas, there is a $185 price tag attached to Big Medium. I've invested thousands of hours in the software's development, and I make a modest living from its sale. I've priced it at as affordably as possible while still putting food on my family's table. I'm committed to helping folks make site development both easy and affordable, but I'm afraid I haven't yet figured out how to bring my price to zero.

Happy holidays!

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