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Robin Springall
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Default It's just not fair

I'm not particularly a moaning type of chap but...

We're booked solid: over-booked, actually, now that I've taken on a mastering job for Friday (she sounded particularly sweet, and I couldn't resist her) Never mind, my engineer can bash on with the other orders!

The 10,000 rush CD job is in serious danger of being late because some bozo at the factory stuck a grubby finger mark on the stamper, so we have to get another one made. The replacement should have been in yesterday, but still hadn't turned up by end of play today.

Our main duplicating machine died at 7pm. I fixed it, sort of, by around 10:30, but it's really only limping along. Then the second machine's motherboard went - aargh! Old faithful machine no 3 is working all night, but it's slow and we might have to manually print 1,700 discs over the next couple of days. By "we" of course I mean Pete, as I'm fixing artwork most of tomorrow, and locked away in the mastering room with Miss Sounds-Like-Serious-Crumpet on Friday.

No, I'm bloody well not staying late tomorrow (final curry of 2007 with best mate), nor Friday (drinks party at home, so boss would KILL me if I didn't show up). I've got Mother arriving on Saturday, so there's a good 48 hours of being constantly ticked off without the option (eg "When are you going to grow up and get a proper job then like your brother?")

Tried very hard not to have an argument with a printer bloke this afternoon: he's designed some artwork, and is miffed because the client wants us to print it using our lovely lady printer. So he messes up the artwork of course - out of spite or incompetence, I know not, but I do know that a white object set to overprint will absolutely, definitely disappear completely! He said he can print it, so why can't my Sharon? "Because it's wrong, you twat" is what I wanted to say, but I ended up telling him to turn on Show Overprinting - duh!

Just got home around midnight, what with faffing about with duplicating machines. The log fire is still in, kids are up and finishing decorating the tree: it's a picture of domestic bliss. I'm trying to face up to the fact that I'm probably going to have to come into the studio on Christmas eve, on my own, after we've closed, and you know what? It's just not fair!

Intellectually challenged, alcoholically propelled

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