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Cristen Gillespie
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Mike: You can see some of the here. (Scroll down the gallery -- the last but one picture currently is Snowy, our donkey.)
Maybe. I'm letting it run, but this is the slowest loading site I've ever been on, including all flash sites and slower than Adobe's site, even. I don't know what she's done, but she needs to redo it. Page elements alone, no pictures, and it's a good 5 minutes loading a single page. I'm on dialup, but that isn't usually a complete killer.

I have read enough about photographing fine art that I know reproducing it with film or digital media is a major headache. I'm fortunate in that color only has to be plausible, not accurate. Most of the photos don't have the color they started with by now, and no one can go stand in the spot again, so I have a lot of leeway.

I do get to photograph fingerprints any CSI would be thrilled to see, and insect parts. Both of those tend to be the kiss of death to any detail below. But of course, one of the gifts of age is not having to preserve all the details, kind of like our memories. <BG>

The pictures are loading a bit faster than the page elements. I haven't reached the donkey yet, but I can see the kind of work you're trying to reproduce. Well, not those difficult pastels -- no dynamic range from most devices to capture that well. How are the reproductions being printed?

I don't know about color, of course, but this woman's site shows texture very nicely without competing with the subject itself.

Finally your donkey! What a silly fellow. He's completely endearing. But unless her customers all have T1 lines, I suggest she find some way of cutting down the load time on the page elements. That part was excruciating to wait through for any reward in images, and I'll not explore her site just because of that.

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