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Originally Posted by Laurie View Post
I tried subbing a wild font in Panose but we didn't spot anything in the document. I'd like to remove that wild font from the list of substitute fonts. Do you remember how to do this? I don't want any risk of it messing up the rest of the project as we prepare things for the printer. Thanks!!
Ouch. I finally find myself without access to PageMaker, so I need to rely on my memory.

The most straightforward approach would be to remove the PANOSE prefs or whatever file that holds the settings. It could be PM Prefs — try dragging that out when PM is off, then start the program.

Then once again attempt to open the file with the missing font(s) and this time tell PANOSE to ignore it. That should fix it.

Of course, then you will have to remember to reset all your Prefs. I remember that I always set the default font, set images to link rather than embed, and set save to Save smaller instead of Save faster. The easiest approach is just to walk through the Preference panes and then all the menus with no document open and fix anything that bugs you.

I must confess that although I was actually on a user advisory panel during the development of InDesign and although I have had alta, beta, and release versions ever since, I am still most comfortable opening an old PageMaker file with ID when I begin a project. I am trying to work my way beyond that (and should say that I am pretty much retired, so there is little pressure), but you do have my empathy.

The only thing I can say is that once you begin to get the hang of it, ID is a good page layout tool, and so long as you do not believe everything it promises about typography, a good typesetting tool as well (the paragraph-level justification is worth the price of admission all by itself).

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