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Originally Posted by annc View Post
It will be interesting to see how long it lasts for you. My Mac towers have always been just three year machines, apart from the last one that was forced to survive for just over four years.
Interesting. If I figured out all the dates, the same might be true for me. I believe there are ways of pushing the G4 a bit on speed, I could replace the CD recorder with a Superdrive (or add one), I could add Firewire, and there are two hard drive bays (now sitting with an 80 and a 120). But I haven’t bothered, I guess, as there are other reasons to move on. That G4 is almost exactly 4 years old.

I cannot remember when I got the older G4, but I think it was around 2000. I replaced it with the newer one because I wanted the Cinema display. It was slow then anyway and probably 3 years old.

The longest lasting Mac was the Mac II, which I bought used, and teased and wheedled it along for something like 5 years. The Quadra 700 did not last long; the 7500 was pretty good, but I doubt it was more than 3 or 4 years.

So guess it is the same for me, but I have nurtured illusions of longer life! <g>

Originally Posted by annc
My current MacBook Pro is expected to last the same distance as my towers but I already have my doubts, much as I love it. Of course, I could be at fault here because I allowed the conversion program to move all my settings from the tower to it, so that I could start working immediately. That allowed me to start working straight away, but I have serious doubts, for the first time in years, about internal disk space. My fault, of course.
Externals are pretty cheap these days, and useful in general. Not the same, of course, when you are taking the computer from place to place.

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