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Default Keep It Complicated???

If new is better, and change is progress, then complicated is _____???

Bare with me a minute.

Do you remember the movie, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold ? Is the plot award winning? The plot certainly is highly complicated, but does that by itself make it good? Just how does the plot’s constant complications make the movie some form of art? Yet, ever since this movie came out, overly complex became a standard of what is good in plot. However, in reality I have to believe that complexity by itself in plot reduces the story to mere trash. Sorry.

And, if the movie doesn’t have an overly complex plot, it seems it has to have something very complex anymore – our concept of creativity has changed, but I don’t think it’s progress at all.

I watched TV for five minutes the other day. One channel had a very young woman singing. The melody was so complex, I don’t know how it could be called a melody. But that seems to be the standard now. And the lyrics were complicated as well, and abstract – not “I love you more than the ocean is deep.”

Two other young women were dancing behind the singer, and the moves were complex enough to be considered at times a form of epilepsy. Is that art??

The Beatles were very popular at first, I think, due to simple melodies and lyrics. But then came Sgt. Pepper, and things began to get complex. So it went with music, that it continued becoming highly complex, and that is what the young people want. (But then being a successful singer was never a simple process).

The next channel was Spanish, women modeling bathing suits. The suits were cut the same as always these last decades, but the prints were very complex, as was the jewelry elaborately eclectic.

The next channel was football, and sophisticated screens quickly flashed a multitude of statistics, while highlighting on the field helped follow downs and measurements. Complex and sophisticated to keep the game simple to follow.

When I did my master’s thesis, I took a highly complicated problem that existed for centuries and set out a simple solution. I could see the resentment from the professors. I was supposed to take something that seemed simple, and set out why it was complicated. But what could they do (?) – they knew I was right, and so, they merely said an oral defense would not be necessary, and they changed the classroom instruction to conform. It made me think I didn’t want any more formal education.

People want complex!!! Complicated is good, and their association with it makes them valuable. But can they really explain to me what happened in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, or how the complications make a difference to theme?

Web sites are getting more and more complex. It can help create the psychology for a unique environment and experience. But do I have to become complex, for the sake of being complex, or lose the competitive edge?? The new generation wants complex. Can I be complex and keep it simple?? I think the answer is, I need to strike a balance. But how should I do that?? What would Sgt. Pepper say?? Did he really know what he started??

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