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Default Bloat in Acrobat 5.0

I have a paper form that we're trying to convert over to electronic. I just scanned the original and put it into a PDF. It was 176 KB in size. I opened it up in Acrobat 5.x as that's the current full-version we have here at the office. I added 12 fields, using the scanned image as a background. When I saved it, it ballooned to 1,700 KB. It required some editing, so I opened it again, and moved some of the fields around, and saved it. This time it was 1,900 KB. Needed a bit more tweaking, and now it's 2,005K. The last three edits have not added additional information, but were just moving the already existing boxes around and changing their sizes.

I'm kind of in shock at how large this file has gotten considering I thought the original bitmapped scan would be the biggest thing in the file. I thought PDF had built-in compression. I guess I don't understand how Acrobat works in that regard. Each time I open and edit it, it seems to gain 100-200 KB regardless of how minor the edit. Is there any way to prevent it, or force some sort of compression. The intention is that we'll e-mail the form to one of our colleagues, so I want it to be as compact as I can make it.

I ended up getting an outside utility (Free PDF Compressor 1.12) to compress it to 179 KB, and it seems to have all the functionality of my original form. I guess since I have a workaround, I just am just curious and wondering why Acrobat's PDF got so bloated.
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