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Default A Lot of Images, Very Little Room

Do any of the experienced or creative designers out there have an idea for presenting a lot of images in a professional (see governmental) layout? We are putting together the annual report for the state. Our county has quite a lot of interesting/proactive government programs and the administrators want to depict that on the cover, it's an annual report however, so it has to be, well, report-like.
In the past it has been a somewhat conservative front. Any suggestions for fitting numerous images on a 8.5 by 11, in a fun, yet conservative manner? Again, I am Mac g5, OSX 10.4.10 InDesign CS2, etc. I am new to this and a bit conflicted.
I appreciate your suggestions.
Thank you, Kalliope
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kalliope: Any suggestions for fitting numerous images on a 8.5 by 11
1. If the subject lends itself, you could have a single photo semi-centered and perhaps larger than the other photos and then place the other photos around the semi-centered photo, perhaps using the Free Transform tool to turn the smaller photos in an interesting way.

2. Drop shadows can lend a bit to setting off a photo

3. Rather than a drop shadow, you can use Gaussian Blur (I find a setting at about 15-20 works nicely). With the photo you want to play with as a layer on the larger image (your letter sized page) and that photo layer active:

3A. Ctrl/Cmd-click the image in the layers palette which will select that image

3B. Select > Modify > Contract 10-15pixels

3C. Select > Inverse

3D. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur 15-20 pixels

3E. Deselect

This approach puts what looks like a small drop shadow very easily and quickly. If you look a the first image on this page, you can see an example of what using Guassian Blur looks like...

Ok...I've run out of ideas as it's time for dinner...if I think of more, I'll post them later...

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Another idea is to use the smaller images as the fill for the letters of an abbreviation, logo, map outline or whatever; then pick the best to appear as decor.
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