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Default Fonts in pdf files

The national body of our association requires the use of certain fonts when using the logo, mostly freely available fonts, but they insist on us using MatrixScriptRegular (from Emigre) for the local name of the association. So, we forked out the $39 and bought the font.

Thinking it might be nice to use it for something more than 3 little words on the cover of the bulletin, I set up our bulletin to use this font for section headings. However, because the bulletin is in French, several of the headings use accented characters, mostly é and à (oops - supposed to be an a with the down sloping accent). No problem in OpenOffice - they show up very nicely and all is well, both on screen and in print.

However, when producing the pdf file from OpenOffice to give to the printer (actually, the photocopy shop guy in town), the é shows up as the combined oe character (which I can't seem to manage on my US International keyboard), and the à (the a with an accent grave agains) just produces a blank space.

I've tried everything I can think of - including using the "insert special character" function and experimenting with all the special characters to try and find which one might show up in the pdf file as the one I want. For the current issue, I just gave up and replaced all accented characters in my headlines (fortunately not too many) with Lucinda Calligraphy, which vaguely resembles the MatrixScriptRegular and reproduces without problem in the pdf file. Had to adjust the font size, however, to avoid throwing off the layout and it definitely looks like a kludge to anyone who knows anything about printing. (Fortunately, not too many folks in our association do...)

So, is my problem with the font itself? or with the pdf conversion in OpenOffice? Or am I just doing something wrong (like not holding my mouth right when I push the button to convert)?

Last edited by ktinkel; 08-20-2007 at 07:53 AM. Reason: using decimal entities seems to fix it; have to do both at once, as saving then opening makes it revert; ugh
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