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Originally Posted by Andrew B. View Post
I never would have guessed that a PNG opened in Photoshop (and only Photoshop) can compromise a computer.
Any data that is blindly read (typically but not necessarily from an unverifiable source) can. ...and in any process or kernel extension (driver). Someone just found this particular instance.

Unfortunately, the rapid pace of development combined with use of languages/tools who's default behavior is to allow blind writes to memory (C, C++ and many others) leads sloppy development teams to create thousands upon thousands of vulnerabilities in essentially every application on your system (let alone the system itself). That said, given the current system landscape (Windows XP, OS X, Linux) a compromised application can generally only do what your user can do. If the user is prohibited from administrative activities (and the application has been installed to run with those credentials ... the Task Manager will tell you) the application will be too.

You can limit your exposure to buffer overruns on Windows running newer hardware by doing the following:

1) Right-click on My Computer;
2) Select Properties;
3) Select the Advanced tab;
4) In the Performance frame click the Settings button;
5) In Performance Options (window) select the Data Execution Prevention tab;
6) Enable DEP (some motherboards/systems don't support this feature, btw)


If, you find that enabling DEP leads to any process (application) crash you have encountered a buffer overrun. If you can repeat the condition and cause/stop it from occurring via enabling/disabling DEP call the vendor and provide them the steps you've found that recreate the condition. There software has a DEFECT in it. If you called me (an developer) and gave me this type of information I would have no case to deny that you have found a defect (because you have and any engineer worthy of the title will know it).

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