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Default Poor Icons

We've recently upgraded to CS3 in work, and I'm amazed that one of the leading graphic programs company has decided that a plain square of colour is all that's needed for a start up screen.

Where have the feathers and flowers gone?

The icons in the menu bar look very . . . what's the word? *rap, yes that the word.

Since I'm moaning on, here's another moan.

Acrobat 8, why have they decided that all the controls would now re-open everytime with each pdf displayed instead of having a menu bar open all the time. It seems that the pdf takes longer to open every time (most probably doesn't, just the impression that you get).

That's my Saturday morning grumble over with, have a good day.

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Cristen Gillespie
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When I first saw the squares, I didn't think they really meant that. But then I started using them. They may not be as "pretty" as feathers, but in the dock they function better than any icons I have. So after a few months with them, I'm actually pleased, and I'm sure I'll be sorry when they go back to fey feathers and flowers.

As for Acrobat 8s interface, I doubt I'll EVER get used to it. It's horrible. I hate it<G> And now comments go jumping - flickering all over the place and are hard to open, hard to edit, after you've managed to scramble to the menu and minimize the lot. Having no icons at all unless Acrobat's open is something I'm almost used to, after at least 2 months of daily use, but I still don't like it. And it looks SO like crayolas when the icon bar is there.

So grumble away. I think you may come to appreciate the legibility of the CS3 icons. I never click on the wrong flora or fauna now, so that's a blessing. But I do hope there's yet another interface change in the works for Acrobat. Not to mention another update that actually fixes the appalling flicker and jumpiness with comments.

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