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Greg Swann
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Just to follow up, here's what I did:


This is a book about real estate weblogging, but it seems absurd to write about weblogging in the form of a book. The Dan Rathers of the world will finally admit that the old media are obsolete on the day after the last paper-boy dies of old age. The internet is a linked world, and to write about an internet phenomenon without linking is absurd. And the internet is an infinitely revisable world, so to give up the power of instant, infinite revisions seems foolish. Unless you print it out at home, you can't take this book with you to the beach. But what you <em>can</em> do is pursue all of the supporting links until your understanding of real estate weblogging approaches perfection -- where perfection is understood to be a blindingly moving target.

The wonderful thing about a book in the form of a weblog is that <em>you</em> can help make it better, too. Just as Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs helped Dan Rather discover this strange new world -- no matter how much he might rather didn't -- you can set me right when you find me in error -- and I hope you find me in better temper. Where a paper book is static and dead, if you find that something is incorrect or unclear, you can assert yourself in a comment and the defects can be amended. In this respect a book-as-a-weblog is more like successive releases of software. But the software resides on my file server, not your hard disk, so upgrades can happen at any time, with the latest 'rev' always waiting here for you.

Even better, you can <em>contribute</em> to this book. Much of the text comes from posts I wrote during the first year of the existence of <a href="http://www.bloodhoundrealty.com/BloodhoundBlog/" target="_blank">BloodhoundBlog</a>, but, where my own talents are unequal to the task at hand, I have turned to other webloggers. You can join that company, if you like. If you have an article about some aspect of real estate weblogging that you think belongs in this book, <a href="mailto:GregSwann@BloodhoundRealty.com">send it to me</a>. To insert new pages into a printed book, in the infinitesimal space between <em>recto</em> and <em>verso</em>, is impossible. But this book is <em>built</em> to welcome new ideas, new techniques, new attitudes and approaches. It is truly organic -- born to live by growing.
So the trees and all the organisms living on and within them can breathe easy. It was wonderful to "see" you all again. Thanks for your help!
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