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Steve Rindsberg
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>>Kind like what happens when you plug in say something like a card reader in that it picks up the next available driver letter? Does is show as "harddrive" or as a "removable drive"???

Shows as a hard drive here. Same deal otherwise ... it gets the next available drive letter.

>>So I've read--apparently LaCie drives are to be avoided at all costs. Seagate has been recommended and I took a browse at newegg to see what they had and interestingly enough, I think I got the answer to the SATA hookup question...there were 2 Seagate externals that were SATA and hooked up via either USB2 or Firewire--my guess is that the SATA card is in the enclosure--but they were 2x the price of the same size drive without the SATA and I'm not sure what SATA buys you particularly when you are hooking to your system via USB2 or Firewire...

I was asking my wizard friend the same thing earlier today. He figured it was SATA, USB or Firewire, SATA being a third alternative for hooking it up. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense.

>>I think the only reason I'd go with buying an enclosure is if I had a drive lying around unused which I don't...I think buy and "all in one" is probably a bit more expensive but the combo is designed for each part and I think you'd have fewer problems...but as Jim used to say...wtfdik...'-}}

That's about it ... but it *is* one less thing to worry about if you don't feel comfortable with it.

>>I was thinking of using it for image storage--with another backup too like to DVD (once I get my dvd burner setup...finally got dvd burning software and now I just need to pick up a small pack of dvd's to test to see if both the drive and the software work).

Wadja get wadjaget huh wadjawadja huh wadja?

I just picked up a Pioneer CD/DVD burner to replace a friend's dead CD writer. Seems pretty nice, it's quiet and worked with Sonic or whatever it was she had installed for burning CDs. Came with a kind of lite version of Nero 7. Nice deal for 60 bucks, I thought.

>> I don't know enough about what SATA offers to know if it's worth the extra bucks...for me, probably not...

Doesn't seem that speed would be the big issue. I'd spend the extra buckage on size instead, is what I'd do. But that's just me ...

>>another little bitty portable one with all of my software installers, CD images and enough room for my main files.

>> Is this for a pc or a mac?


That is, it being a USB, it'll work with either. Well. If you MacFormat it, it won't work on PC, and if you format it NTFS on the PC, it won't work on Mac.

Steve Rindsberg
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