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Default Line Spacing in NVU?

I hope someone might help an old guy who's trying to learn NVU. I'm struglling with a line-spacing problem I just can't seem to fix. It's very minor, but quite frustrating.

On my page: http://www.baseballreplays.com/Boxes.htm I can't seem to get the spacing to okay after the line "Braves beat Giants 6-5 in 20 innings, September 1, 1933 (Hubbell complete game)" .

I've tried everything I know, but the spacing won't come out right. (I just want the lines to be evenly spaced, as most of them already are.)

Might someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix (and avoid!) it?


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You have got empty paragrah tags below the line in question. Edit the code and insert &nbsp; (a non-breaking space between the <p></p> tags.

When I tried out NVu just after it was released it was capable of producing good valid XHTML 1.0 transitional code. Yet this opage is HTML 4.0 transitional, a really old & outdated standard.


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Hi Kelvyn,

Thank you for posting a reply!

I checked the source, but I'm unclear on where the &nbsp belongs. Sorry I'm so junior in this.

Here's the relevant section:

complete game)</font></strong></p>
<p><strong><font color="#0000ff"></font></strong></p>
<p><strong><font color="#0000ff"><a

I see several <p></p>...

Thanks again,


P.S. -- Is there a better tool these days than NVU for folks like me who are just starting out and don't yet wish to invest in a more powerful (and costly) solution? My WWW site is non-commercial (personal and free). Thanks.
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