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Default My Own Name on Google

Originally Posted by Kelvyn View Post
Looking up my own name on Google I see that even my old "work" address is now available on-line; some research papers we published nearly 20 years ago have been made available in pdf format.....
Looking up my own name on Google, together with Philadelphia, produces a lot of online references to me, including my home address. I have a listed telephone number, I own a house, and I am a registered voter, so there are plenty of ways for anyone to learn a lot about me on the Internet, and even more through public document sources on paper or microfilm. It is absurd to think that I could keep my name out of Google at this point, or to keep anyone so inclined to learn a good deal of public information if they wanted the information.

Admittedly, I have an unusual name for this part of the country. Searching on "Charlie Brown" (of Peanuts fame) or "Charles Brown" more formally, let alone names like Jones and Smith, might not make for much specific information.

My point is that I did say give a location as vaguely or as specifically as you, the forum member, think is appropriate. If the place is given as Virginia and the name is George, then nothing specific is learned. I have been using my own name here, and maybe I should not have done that, but so far there have been only pleasant consequences.

Of course, I should say to George that I have a very vague ID on a local blog where politics and other controversial matters are discussed, and I do try not to let my identity out in that context, out of the same concerns that he mentions.
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