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Michael Rowley
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The author might have been using Adobe Garamond Pro as an example in this case. It isn't a good idea to apply style buttons if you're not sure they are linked to the actual font.
I chose Adobe Garamond Pro (more precisely, Acrobat Premier Pro) because I've got it and could see what fonts the family contained; they're all linked, and in Windows applications only the name of the Regular will appear in menus (I'm not sure about Mac OS 10 applications). In any case, no one with any sense uses a font family blind.

In a paper on fonts written originally in 1995,* but since updated several times, Phinney remarks that the old story about image processors not being able to cope with TrueType fonts is just that: a story. (I've seen that in the 2001 edition.) And of course, The Mac OS has had a TrueType rasterizer since 1991, and Windows since 1992.

Anderson, who's a Professor of Graphic Design at Durham College, Otttawa, might have been expected to have read the more general literature on fonts before writing about them in his book.

*'TrueType, PostScript Type 1, & OpenType: 'What’s the Difference?', Thomas W. Phinney, Version 2.36, December 26, 2004.

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