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Default Just the fax (recommendations), please

My trusty old HP LaserJet 3100 fax machine has croaked. It needs a new printer fixing unit, which apparently costs over $100, and IIRC my repairman charges a minimum of $75 for showing up and doing the labor (could be more for the labor, dunno how long the repair would take).

Anyway, I just spent $75 on a fax repair in March, so I think I have spent enough money on this beast, which is getting kind of long in the fangs anyway -- I bought it in January 1999.

Any recommendations for a new model? I am partial to HP, but I understand the Canon makes their engines, so presumably a Canon would also be good. It doesn't need to double as a printer or scanner. It needs to be fairly fast and have good print quality (with a superfine fax setting). Needs to be able to feed 25 or more outgoing pages.

And it definitely must be laser -- I don't want an inkjet scanner.


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Default So, what did you get?

If your old machine croaked, I would think you have bought something else by now. What did you decide?

(I am amazed that no one in here replied back in June, usually we have plenty of opinions on just about everything.)
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I was also surprised that nobody responded, but maybe everyone was still tired of the subject from when I had brought it up in March. <g> At that time, I was able to get the machine fixed for $80 (minimum labor charge to replace a tiny plastic part) so I didn't buy a new one. But the June problem was a biggie -- it needed a fuser unit or something, the repair would have cost about $200, IIRC.

I ended up with a Brother 8840D.

I got tired of doing research and reading reviews -- and I was swamped with work at the time -- so I finally called the guy who fixed my old fax machine a couple of times. He sells and services printers, copiers and fax machines so I figured he'd be familiar with a wide range of them.

I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money, so after some discussion he suggested the Brother. Although I initially balked at it because it's a flatbed, and is a big behemoth (compared to my old machine), I grew to like the idea that I could use it as a copier. (With my old fax, if I wanted to copy anything small -- like a receipt -- I had to tape it to a sheet of paper and run it through the machine.) And it does have an autofeeder.

But the best thing is that it duplexes. I have it set to print all incoming faxes front and back, which saves a lot of paper.

It ain't all sweetness and light, however. One thing it apparently doesn't do (or I'm not smart enough to figure it out) is print incoming faxes right away AND save them in memory. The only relevant setting I can find will have all incoming faxes go into memory, where they sit until I manually request that they be printed.

This makes no sense to me -- my old machine would print faxes as they arrived and keep them in memory until newer pages pushed the old ones out of the memory. And when I had the new machine set to store new faxes in memory, the client sending the fax would get a message that the fax wasn't going through.

And I'm told that the toner cartridges and drum unit for the Brother are more expensive than those for other manufacturers, but I can live with that.

The Brother can also be a scanner and maybe a printer, but I'm content to just use it as a fax machine and copier.

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