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Cristen Gillespie
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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
Maybe so. On the other hand, the oddest tasks can prove to be difficult to program. Or so they tell me.

I still remember meeting with the engineering team for InDesign with a list of “little things” we absolutely had to have, only to be told by the engineers about this or that tiny feature that “that’s too hard.” As a user, I have no idea what is difficult or easy, of course. I just know what I want!

And, to be fair, most of that is in ID.
Oh definitely little things can prove to be the very devil. They need hooks in a thousand places just to work, or they mess with some other vital ingredient. And I wouldn't expect, or necessarily want, a direct translation from FH into AI. I, in fact, preferred and stuck with AI for a number of reasons that haven't changed. FH didn't have everything! '-}

But hopefully, with every 5th question on the AI forum being something about translating a task from FH to AI, we'll see AI implement some of the more requested features, rather than driving FH users into the arms of another vector software provider. That way we all win, well, "we all" meaning AI and FH users<BG>

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