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Default Font problem going from InDesign CS3 to CS2

We are beginning to venture out into ID CS3 and presently need to save files down to CS2 for output to press. So far we've concluded that we need to be running ID 4.0.5 and using the INX file saved from CS3. But when the INX file is opened in CS2, it doesn't recognize the fonts. Actually, sometimes it will recognize a few fonts, but not most of them. I have used "Find font" to track down the fonts, but they appear with a slightly different name, some with a (BM) after the name. I am not only concerned about type reflow from picking the wrong fonts, but I am also unwilling to spend valuable production time fishing for fonts. We need to bridge the gap between CS3 and CS2 cleanly, so I am looking for tips. Oh yeah, the OS has been updated to 10.4.9. Thanks for any help.
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Shane Stanley
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I'm not sure what your font issue is, but IMO using .inx to back-save for output to press is extremely dangerous. The chance of using a CS3-only feature, even accidentally, is high, they use different dictionaries which can lead to reflow, and there's potential for other problems. If you use CS3, output either in CS3 or via PDF.

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FWIW, I've seen the same problem when opening an INX from CS2 in CS. Font handling is one of my biggest gripes with InDesign in general.
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