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Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
• I would like to be able to move fonts from one set to another, preferably by dragging, but do not see any way to do that.
You can drag a font from one collection to another but it will then appear in both collections, so you then need to delete it from the original. It's not too much of a pain. Click on the original collection. Select the font in the right-hand pane; drag it to the new collection; make sure the original font is still selected (normally it is) and press the delete key.

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
• I would like to tell it (in Preferences) not to retain both TT and T1 versions of the same font (this occurred when I fed it the archive of my ITC library, which includes both sets in the file). So now I need to go through and delete the TT versions.
The help file says: Import Options

The import dialog now lets you filter the fonts you'll import by format. It is no longer a problem to import only specific font types, for instance, OpenType fonts or PostScript based OpenType fonts.

During the import, you will be warned (if activated in the preferences) if you're about to import a font which is already imported in Linotype FontExplorer X from one of the following:

The same path.
Another path but exactly the same font.
In both cases you have the option either to remove and import it again, or to do nothing and keep the currently loaded font.

In the second case, you'll have the option to import the font as duplicate.

I'm not sure how easy it would be to stop Truetype fonts being imported into the library where a PS version exists as, from memory, it doesn't display the format information when warning of duplicates.

Creating a Smart Set to automatically hold Postscript fonts and one to hold Truetype fonts might be of some help in organising your fonts. It would, at least, make it easy to see which Truetype fonts were open.

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
• It doesn’t identify the foundry unless it is part of the font name. When you get to Garamond or Caslon or other fonts for which I have many versions from several different sources, it is tedious to find the ones I want.
You can always double-click on the font name in FE for full font info but that won't, of course, help you choose the right one from a font menu. What would be nice would be to have some of ATR's ability to group and rename font menu items.

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
• It could not “read” some of my early ITC/Letraset fonts, and dumped them all into a font family entitled (in red) “No family name.” Selecting one of the fonts in that collection and doing a Get Info tells me there is no printer font. Pretty sure the source files included the printer fonts, but guess this is something to look into when I get a chance.
I seem to have 162 fonts in the "No family name" set, 10 of which are Truetype fonts. Some of the PS fonts do seem to have lost their printer files but others look perfectly OK. Very odd.


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