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Default Making a PDF from a Multi-Sheet Excel File

Basically, I can't do it.

I select all sheets, then using Acrobat 6 all I get is the active sheet even though I specify printing the entire workbook or if I select multiple sheets.

If I select all sheets and use Jaws, I have to create each worksheet as a separate process and giving each worksheet a filename.

Am I overlooking something?

Excel 2000
Win XP
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If you can't print them all with a single print command then you probably can't make a single pdf directly.

Kathleen mentioned a pdf utility, pdfClerk, here a few days ago and something like that might help to to post-processs the resulting pdf files. pdfClerk is, I think, Mac only but there's undoubtedly something similar for PCs -- cue for a PC guru to jump in with the answer...


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Originally Posted by Clayton View Post
I select all sheets, then using Acrobat 6 all I get is the active sheet even though I specify printing the entire workbook or if I select multiple sheets.
I do not know whether Acrobat can be made to do what you want, but it will allow you to assemble one PDF from many. It is not as elegant as what you seek, but it doesn’t take long, and should get the job done.

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Steve Rindsberg
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I don't think you're overlooking anything ...

I'm pretty sure when Excel prints, it treats each sheet as a new print job rather than combining them all into one print job. It's not normally evident when printing because there's nothing to clue in the human where one print job ends and another begins.

But when something pops up and wants to put each print job in a new file, as is the case with Acrobat, you .. um ... notice.

You can open the first PDF doc in Acrobat then insert the subsequent ones to combine everything into one PDF.

Steve Rindsberg
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In a word, No. Excel prints either a selection, or the current worksheet, so that's all Distiller can work on.

Rather than putting pages together manually after PDF creation, print each sheet to file, then use this little script to combine the PostScript files: just replace the italicised bits with your page size (this is A4; US letter is 612 792), file path and name:

% PostScript program for distilling and combining multiple PostScript files.
<< /PageSize [595 842] >> setpagedevice

/prun { /mysave save def % Performs a save before running the PS file
dup = flush % Shows name of PS file being run
RunFile % Calls built in Distiller procedure
clear cleardictstack % Cleans up after PS file
mysave restore % Restores save level
} def

(full_path_to_files/file1.ps) prun

(full_path_to_files/file2.ps) prun

(full_path_to_files/file3.ps) prun

Just copy the above, edit it to suit, and save as a plain text file; then drop it onto Distiller and sit back watching the red propellor twiddling around!

I find it invaluable, for instance, one job I do has about 40 component Word files, and this distils the lot into a 400 page manual in a few minutes. And it avoids the errors you can get if using font subsetting when adding pages to an existing PDF.
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