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Robin Springall
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Default It's just not fair!

It's now 1am and I should be tucked up in bed with Mrs. S. Instead everything's gone wonky today (actually yesterday, come to think of it):

1. The studio accounts program crashed, corrupting the data. I have to restore from yesterday's backup then recreate the postings for today before posting though any invoices or do any new quotes. Three hours at least tomorrow.
2. We have two CD/DVD duplicators, Annie and Clarabel, and they're both playing up. Maintenance will take a good three or four hours per machine.
3. New big client has changed the artwork on 9 CD titles (it's a rush of course, with an unmoveable deadline...) Oh, and his masters have high errors, but his previous supplier never complained about them, and he asks why we have to be so fussy. The discs have burn shadows all over 'em, and uncorrectable errors.
4. I'm going to be on my own tomorrow because my assistant has a day off, and there are still jobs from today that need packing and despatching.
5. Another client still can't make proper press PDFs and doesn't see why we need the fonts embedded, and crop marks. Of course it hasn't got bleed, he used our templates so the problems must be mine! Yeah, right, duh!
6. My council tax has just gone up by 18%.

I've just cycled home, dodging the drunks, and ran two sets of red lights coz I don't like stopping at this time of night. Trouble is, one set was over the A40! I'm zonked, and I want a shower, my bed and my wife. Wah!

Like I said: it's not fair!

Intellectually challenged, alcoholically propelled
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