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Originally Posted by Kelvyn View Post
It looks like you have not made a multi-resolution favicon, which is needed to provide the larger image required on the desktop. See this article for all the lowdown on favicons
It tells a lot, but not all. (And the page has manage to lose its own favicon...)

Once thing it misses is that in IE, favicons will be linked to shortcuts - but only as long as the actual icon file sits in the browser cache; the Gecko browsers don't use it on shortcuts (but use their own icon instead). Both IE and the Gecko browsers will use it in the address bar (it does tell you that). And tabbed browsers (IE7 too?) will also use them on the tabs. (I don't know what other browser families do with them, though, if anything.)

Another thing it only states implicitly: it gives a method to link to an icon if you don't have your own domain. First of all, you don't need that if your site sits at a subdomain - what matters is whether you have access to the directory that matches the (sub)domain that corresponds to your site. But if you don't, yes, you can link to the file, and browsers will find it that way. What they don't say is that you can always use this method to give individual pages (or sets of pages) their own favicon.

And while the page does explain about multi-resolution icons, it misses the fact that if you don't have an application to create those, you can create a basic BMP bitmap, and rename it to .ico: that is because the underlying file formats for .ico and .bmp share their basic structure - multi-resolution icons build on that (and are more complicated). You'll get a single-resolution icon that way, of course, but it will do the job.

Some of that (and more!) can be found on my own favicon page: Your Favorite Icon (a page which has its own favicon that's different from the default one for the domain ).

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