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Originally Posted by mohitgarg View Post
I created a document with 20 pages. So each page of this booklet is less than half of A4. Now how do I print this document so that I can print on both sides of paper and when I take these papers (A4) and fold them it is a book. You should be able to fit 2 pages of booklet size on an A4. I am a Novice using InDesign
First, some terminology so you can discuss this (and read about the process):

You have created your booklet in “reader spreads” and you need it to be in “printer spreads” for printing. As Lois said, this process is called “imposition.”

“Creep” is compensation for the thickness of the sheets of paper when folded into a booklet. (You will need to make the content of your pages slightly narrower than the sheet size to allow for creep.)

We always used to leave this process to the (commercial) printer. Nowadays, though, people want to do it on their own desktop printers.

For InDesign, you can buy the InBooklet plug-in, which costs $100 U.S. If you plan to do this work on a regular basis, probably worth it. You can read about it on ID Help > Printing > Creating printer spreads using InBooklet.

If this is a one-shot deal, you can do it the hard (very hard, somewhat frustrating) way. Once you have the booklet perfect, all proofread and corrected, make a copy, and in the copy rearrange the pages so they will print correctly. (Best to make a dummy first so you can keep track of what you are doing.) Leave a decent margin at the center line and a wide one on the outsides; after you assemble the booklets, you can trim the sheets so the edges align perfectly. And you should be able to get a deep-throated stapler at the office supply so you can saddle-stitch.

Be sure to leave the original untouched, in case you must change something later. Trying to make edits on the imposed copy will make you sublimely crazy!

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