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Default What LCD monitor to buy????

HI I am in the market for a new 19 to 22 inch monitor, I live in Taiwan and they are real cheap here

I am considering the following brands...


Does any one have any opinion as which to go with

I am also unclear about

the 8ms , 5ms, 4ms and the aspect ratios 500:1 1000:1 ect.....

I do alot of photoshop , Illustrator and Flash work..

thanks if anyone can help..........
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I don't have any real experience with LCD panels (would love to get one but it hasn't popped to the top of the priority list yet...'-}}) but from what I've read, the Samsungs are pretty good...

Dell also makes an well thought of LCD panel...it's the Dell 2405FPW (24") and the Nec 90GX2 also gets good reviews...

I don't know who makes the Dell but you might be able to find out if you browse around the web...

As to LCD specs (I think the 8ms, 5ms, etc. has to do with the LCD panel "refresh" rate and the smaller the number the better), you might find Tom's Hardware a good place to find info as they have a graphics and display section.

Another good place (although I've not browsed there for quite a while) is Anandtech.

Do let us know what you find out and what you decide...

Hope that helps...

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Andrew B.
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I prefer CRTs, but when I was looking into LCDs, the Samsungs had the strongest display range. For example, Samsung did not lose detail in the shadow areas of pictures, while others did.

There is another thread going on about LCD monitors, and this might be drawing attention away from your question. I hope you get some more opinions about your question. Also, you might want to check out the other thread: http://www.desktoppublishingforum.co...ead.php?t=3213
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Thanks for ref'ing the other thread...I meant to get the link and forgot...

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i always use circuitcity.com for all their customer reviews and how to choose electronics
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