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don Arnoldy
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Originally Posted by dthomsen8 View Post
Now I am not sure what you mean. Would a medium-format slide be taken with a 35mm SLR or rangefinder camera?
A medium-format camera would be a 2 1/4" x 2 1/4" or a 6 X 7 (cm) camera. Although these wouldn't produce "slides" in the normal sense, they would produce film positives for scanning.

As John suggested, the image you have will be 6.48" x 8.64" at 300 dpi. If you did not need to fill the entire live area with image --because there was type or border; or if you could arrange more than one image to fill the area, then you could use what you have.

My FujiFilm FinePix E510 camera doesn't seem to have any setting for the pixels per inch.
Yup--cameras don't really know anything about dpi--only pixel dimensions. DPI doesn't exist until you decide what size you want to to print it at--even the default, 72dpi, is an unwarranted assumption on the part of the camera.

for one house, I am not buying or even renting a camera of any kind.
If this house is listed for $1 million +, then somebody(ies) will be pocketing a $600K commission for selling it. You'd think they'd be willing to spring for an extra hundred bucks or so for you to rent a camera. <shrug>

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