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Originally Posted by annc View Post
The main identifiable weakness in the view of Analog that I have is that it doesn't allow me to compare recent trends in usage of the library catalogue. All I have is a total number of hits.
But you can choose the period for which hits are counted, and a host of other criteria to look at the hits for that period. (An unlike many commercial programs, Analog provides pretty fine control over what is counted as "robots" and specifically include or exclude them.)

Originally Posted by annc
I need to be able to chart trends in usage of both the online catalogue and the traffic between our site and the digital download site. The figures I'm seeing in the Analog reports don't give me this sort of information.
Trends in usage how? Just by numbers? Aren't browsers used part of the mix?

If it's just trends in numbers rather than numbers, I'd set Analog to give me totals for all kinds of criteria for each period, and then plug those numbers into a spreadsheet - and do that for every period. Then - over time - you can do any kind of trend analysis you like, and even make petty graphs. Simple moving averages can give good insight and are easy to do with a spreadsheet.

But you can actually do some of that by letting Analog work not on separate logfiles, but several together. Say you make a log file for each week, and you let Analog always work on the last four weeks: instant moving average; to produce graphs, again plug the results into a spreadsheet. The basis of all analysis is to set a good baseline for creating your log files (daily, weekly, monthly); that is not the task of the log analysis program, but something you have to set up on the server.

As to my previous remarks about what you can't do - Analog provides an excellent explanation of that... neatly debunking a lot of marketing blurb. You can't make trends of what you can't measure either, of course.

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