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Actually Roaryg,

I think I found it...

this.print({bUI: false, nStart: 0, nEnd: 1});
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Now I have to take this same file and burn it to a CD-Rom. I want the PDF to open in full view once the CD-Rom is inserted into the computer. I will need some sort of "AutoStart" to make this happen.

Have you ever done this?

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Glad you got it working! 0=1, 1=2, etc. is correct. Don't know too much about autostarts. If I remember correctly there has to be a .inf file in the root of the cd for Windows to autostart it. This file contains a command to start up Acrobat Reader and open your file. I don't know whether you need special authoring software to do that or whether you can make your own little script. "cd authoring autostart" might be a good search to start with. Let me know if you figure it out, I'm always curious.
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Steve Rindsberg
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At its simplest, you just need an AutoRun.INF file in the root of the CD.

I use one like so:

open=launch open readme.htm

This tells Windows:
Run the program called LAUNCH.EXE in the current CD directory
Open the file readme.htm in the default application for htm files

This depends on there also being another handy little program on the cd, launch.exe ... have a look here for more info and a link. It's free.


Bear in mind that ...

- AutoRun won't work on Macs

- It may not work on PCs, which can be set not to auto run from CD (you'll want to supply printed instrux ... "If this CD doesn't start automatically when you insert it, open it in My Computer and blah de blah de bloop de blah"

- Auto running a PDF won't work if the user doesnt' already have Acrobat or Reader installed.

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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