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Default Still seeing the wrong view!

Originally Posted by ktinkel View Post
Ouch. I hope all these problems will be fixed once we settle the vB version. Then if you still have trouble logging out or see the wrong view, please do tell.
I don't know if that has occurred yet, but I thought I'd let you know that log out is fixed but display mode is not.

When I come to the forum, the default view is always Threaded Mode. I hate Threaded Mode so I change to Linear Mode. This sets the following cookie in my browser:

www.desktoppublishingforum.com bbthreadedmode
Content: linear
Expires: Tuesday, August 28, 2007 5:02:59 PM

Now, as long as I don't log in, everything is fine. I can shut down Firefox, even shut down the computer, and the next time I come back to the forum, the forum software apparently reads this cookie and I am still in Linear Mode. Just like I used to be.

But, if I do log in, even though this cookie has an expiration date of August, 2007, it gets deleted when I log out, so next time I come back to the forum, I'm in that dratted Threaded Mode again!

Why is the forum software deleting cookies that are not set to expire until 2007? Shouldn't it only be deleting end-of-session cookies?
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