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Cristen Gillespie
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Meanwhile, is it lots better than in the past? What do you use it for?
Bryce 5 was better than 4, sure. And perhaps 5.5 really does perform better than 5. I haven't used 5.5. But it's still not a true modeling program. The plus being that you can model with very basic tools, so less of a learning curve. The minus being that you have no built-in shortcuts to getting the job done, so you need to add your time to the mix to make it work if you want it to be highly realistic.

For those of us who are willing to put up with its lack of modeling tools just in order to be able to afford to have a bit of fun, the real drawback to 3D on even decent computers has been render time. 5.5 is said to address that issue, but I suspect it will always be an obstacle to our getting enough experience with modeling to be any good at it. It just takes so much patience to wait for renders, even plop renders.

Still, I've always been impressed with what people can do with Bryce. I keep promising myself I'll take more time and get better someday... I don't really do anything with it, anything productive, that is. But it's actually a good, inexpensive program for artists to mock up a scene they want to use for their art created in other programs. That part isn't difficult. You can create buildings with primitives and light the scene, for instance, without going to a lot of trouble to make it a proper 3D image. I understand Bryce is often used that way because it doesn't cost very much and there isn't a big learning curve for that.

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