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Default A Better Way?

This is a site (printingspot.com/) I set up over four years ago. The layout is someone else's. The implementation is mine. At that point I was using DW3. Now DW8 and I now know a bit more about CSS.

Thiis was done with DIVs and absolute positioning for each bullet. I suspect it would work better if I styled the body copy so it could be in the same DIV as the bullet itself, but I did not know enough back then to make it happen.

The basic question is: what is the better way to position the bullet points on a diagonal?

Yes, I know I need DOCTYPE and that there are no active links. The client is just now thinking about making more of the site and I want to clean up the basics before moving forward.
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Originally Posted by BobRoosth
The basic question is: what is the better way to position the bullet points on a diagonal?
I would start by putting those items in an unordered list (it is, in fact, a list). The custom markers could be linked within the CSS (so no need to enter them repeatedly).

The subordinate items could be a list item beneath the main one. (There may be a better way, but I’m not being clever just now.)

As for the diagonal, there may be several ways to do it, but I think a class for each level, with margin-left increasing each time, would work. (That’s if, after consideration, he really wants to have all those diagonals on the page, the one on top going against the one in the list!)

Anyway, it would involve less code, cleaner HTML, and less manual labor for you.


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