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" They must have had some "filler" ready "
Yes, and the wire services sent out filler in batches. Often those quirky little inch-long bits you would read like "Man Bites Dog: John Doe, a postal carrier in xxxx, Illinois was arrested for biting a local dog today. He said, he just was tired of being bitten by dogs and thought it was time to bite back."
And the overall length of the paper in any given edition might be governed by the advertising department, i.e. the paper may allocate so many pages per so many pages of ads, and then cut or pad the news to fit. Or, run a public service ad as a freebie if they have to fill a large empty space.
The same practices are probably still going on today, for the same production reasons.
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Another printer - thats good- in the UK we used to call it chokes and spreads and then trapping ( which confused it with ink trapping ) and you call it a frame-
If u are in the States have u been involved in Gracol7 grey balance???
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