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Default Print On Demand


I'm new here (I hope this is in the right section). I'm looking for a good website to do on demand printing of books/pamphlets. Does anybody have any advice what to look for when googling (including safe whether they're legitimate, and safe sites)? As well does anybody have any specific sites to recommend (one thing to point out, is that I'll need a site that handles foreign languages, as I'm doing things in Hebrew)?

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When I was looking for a POD source to produce a book for our local historical society the first thing I did was google "print on demand comparison" (or something like that). I found articles comparing different online POD companies as to price, available formats, etc. Wound up going with Lulu.com,and they did a fine job.
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Welcome to the forum...'-}}

I think Cyranetta's suggestion to do a search with "comparison" is a good one and I also found "print on demand options" (no quotes) appears to return useful results. With respect to foreign languages, my guess is that sort of info should be outlined on the on-demand pub's website but I'd probably contact them to ask the specifics for your work. When dealing with new vendors (of any sort), I have found it useful to send at least one query-type email which allows me to gauge the response and if the response is not good (no answer, didn't anwser the question I asked, etc.), then I don't do business with that vendor.

Keep us posted on what you find...

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My issue is that I'm totally new to this (publishing etc), so when doing this search I don't know what sites with articles are decent and what are flakes (I was referred to this site as a good source). I've googled Amazon print on demand, the best result I get out of that was their kindle direct publishing site (which doesn't do Hebrew), but that connects to createspace.com.
The idea of sending an email, and seeing what type of response I get makes a lot of sense, and I will definitely do it.
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Steve Rindsberg
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I've had a few print-shop dealings that involved Japanese text, which can be something of a challenge, but is probably less of one than Hebrew text. If I were a bettin' man, I'd put money on "If you can make a good PDF out of the book, with any needed fonts embedded, the print shop should be able to handle it."

I'd certainly start by making sure the company can work from PDFs and whether they've produced work from PDF in Hebrew. There's your first email to them, as Terrie suggested.

Steve Rindsberg
and stuff
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