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Andrew B.
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I just found another use for this. I can move files out of their current folders and into their parent folders. Here's a scenario

A folder named "locations." In that folder are 1000 folders with city names. In each of the city name folders is another folder called "photos." And in those are a bunch of jpgs. You want to move the jpgs out of the "photos" folders and into the parent (city name) folders.

I just did something similar to this.

1. Using RenameMaster, I added the parent folder name as a prefix to all the jpeg file names, and included a separator. So tree.jpg became "Portland___tree.jpg." That's a triple underline because it's easy for me to spot and because it doesn't exist elsewhere.

2. Do a search of all folders to find files with triple underscores. I recommend NOT using Windows search for this. Instead, use a good file finder.

3. Cut the files out of the search result and paste them into the "locations" folder.

4. Rename files, replacing the triple_underscore with a backslash.

I ran a test before even trying this. In my case, it worked beautifully.

Now, what to do about all those empty folders. I would NOT search and delete. I would want to confirm they are empty, just in case something was overlooked. I would use a method that removes empty folders.

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Pretty nifty!!! '-}}

Windows search in anything after WinXP purely sucks...'-}}

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Steve Rindsberg
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>> I recommend NOT using Windows search for this. Instead, use a good file finder.

Amen to that.

I use Agent Ransack for this kind of thing.

It's free. And I see it's been updated several times since I installed my copy.
Must deal with this!

Steve Rindsberg
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