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Andrew B.
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Originally Posted by terrie View Post
Do you think it was the Win10 (default) desktop that was disorienting--vs. let's say the Win7 or Win8 desktop?
I don't think so. I experienced this while working full-screen inside familiar applications. And making the window smaller caused me to see less than I'm used to because the 15" was the same resolution as my 14".

One thing I could try is a 15" with higher resolution. But from what I remember while shopping at a store years ago, that would make everything smaller than it is on my 14" computer. And not just fonts (which I can sort of control) but also other elements.

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I think it's tricky to go mucking about with the resolution on a laptop unlike a separate monitor which can have greater flexibility with respect to resolution.

The last HP laptop I bought that I ended up giving to my sister (and she gave me the Dell she'd been using) had a higher resolution screen than the other HP laptops we'd bought previously (one for my sister's client and I bought one for my other sister--she paid me back). I thought the higher res would be better but, really, it wasn't because *@!!&#$!!! QuickBooks Pro is incredibly annoying in that it won't let you adjust the fonts/font size (larger size needed) for the QBPro display and my sister spends a lot of time in QBPro. I was able to tweak the Windows font size settings a bit but it's still not as comfortable as it could be in QBPro.


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Bo Aakerstrom
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My Dell has a 15" full HD screen, and the scaling is set to the default 125%. If there would be a need to have a different scaling to accommodate things being too large or too small that can be changed easily. Perhaps something worth having a play with.

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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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I was going to mention the zoom feature which apart from any system settings can be varied on my keyboard with a simple + / - key or with CTRL + / - if you don't ... or magic finger swipes if you have a touchscreen.

Even on my desktop with Windows 7 and 1920 x 1080 on a 23in screen I tend to use 145% and narrow the frame so it's not full screen.

There are a host of variations but I agree that laptops are more of a problem and why I don't think of them as a full time replacement for a desktop.

If clutter and space is a problem and portability not a requirement, I like the current All-in-One desktops and adding portablility for less frequent use by a tablet or better a hybrid laptop.


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