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Andrew B.
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Default Virtual Private Networks?

Anyone here have an opinion about using a virtual private network?

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I'm curious about them but have not done any real research on them. I understand the underlying concept but I wonder if, given how I access the web and my own web destinations whether a VPN would be of any value to me, personally. My sense is that I couldn't, for example, use it to access my bank online or pay my Verizon bill at Verizon's own site but I'm not sure that's accurate.

Also when I'm researching a purchase, I don't generally go to mulitple websites within one browser session but rather search a site, take notes on possible purchase options (saved in a CintaNotes note), close my browser which deletes any cookies (based on my browser settings), open a new browser session and continue my search. Perhaps a VPN would be useful for that sort of thing.

I know VPN's can get around country-blocks for TV stuff so one can watch say BBC productions that would be disallowed for someone in the US but, there really isn't much that would compel to watch TV on my monitor.

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Originally Posted by Andrew B. View Post
Anyone here have an opinion about using a virtual private network?
I was forced to use VPNs years ago when connecting to my work network via a secure wireless connection. But that's about all I know about them. It was all Windows stuff and I just did as I was told.

My iPhone and iPad offer the option, but I haven't even considered using one.

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A while ago, I had posted a thread at dslreports.com asking about VPN's and in the end, decided that given what I do online, a VPN probably wouldn't be useful to me. That dslreports.com thread has been recently updated with a member posting what looks to be a decent VPN comparison site--no advertising revenue so theoretically, unbiased--from thatoneprivacysite.net.

Hope the above proves useful...

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