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Default Adobe CS now rental only?

I don't upgrade every software package at every opportunity.

Is it correct that it is now impossible to purchase standalone versions of Adobe Creative Suite software? That it's all "Creative Cloud" and can only be rented for one year at a time?

This isn't going to work well for me, considering that I usually keep software that works until it doesn't any more.
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Yep...your only recourse is to look around ebay and see if someone is selling it.

When I had what is now my old system custom built about 3.5 years ago, I was told by the builder that my Photoshop 7 would not work on a Win7/64bit system which threw me into a bit of a panic. I got home and rooted around online looking for possible solutions and found that supposedly, Photoshop 7 could be installed and would work if it were installed on a drive less than 1TB.

CS 6 had just recently been released and there were rumors that it would be the last "standard" Adobe software release and that Adobe was moving to fully implement (that (*@#$)!!!) "software as a service" crap. I decided that given the iffiness of getting Photoshop 7 to work that I'd better CYA and order Photoshop CS6. I was lucky that I found a very good deal at B&H Photo and placed my order.

Turns out that the suggestion to install Photoshop 7 on a less than 1TB drive was right on the money and so my Photoshop CS6 is still boxware although I keep intending to install it realsoonnow...'-}}

Note that because of a problem with (!*@&&!*!!) activation (ugh! the reason I never upgraded after Photoshop 7) Adobe made CS2 available for download and the page is still there--when I found out about it (I think it was Andrew who posted here about it), I downloaded everything even though I really only wanted Acrobat because my old Distiller installer (from PageMaker) wouldn't install and work on Win7/64bit system so I had no PDF printer instance. At the time, Acrobat 8 was available for download but now it's just Acrobat 7 which won't install the PDF printer instance.

Anyway...if CS2 will do you, download and if not, look at ebay...

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What did you finally decide to do about the Adobe software?

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