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Default Windows XP Pro boot question

Every time I reboot my Windows XP Pro computer, it puts up a Windows Explorer screen with the c:\WINDOWS\System32 folder on it. How do I get rid of that annoyance?
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Robin Springall
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Hmm... I expect the Exploder window is open because something is trying to run a file which is not present. It might be a missing program in your Startup folder, or a missing program that is set to run when Windows starts.

I'd begin by downloading the free version of Malwarebytes' Antimalware from malwarebytes.org, ignoring their pleas to upgrade to the pro version, then run a quick scan and let the program remove whatever nasties it finds. Then repeat the scan, but this time run a full scan. If it finds an infection, let the program clean it, then run the full scan again until it finds nothing to clean. Reboot the computer and see if that cures the problem: if it doesn't, then we have to move on and clean the Registry.

Back up everything (ideally by making an image of your hard drive using Norton Ghost, CloneZilla, or something similar), then just to be safe make a manual backup of all your docs, pictures, etc plus any POP3 email folders - in fact, any data which you'd need if you had to reinstall everything.

Once you have these two different backups, and have checked that you could reinstall Windows and all your software if the next step goes wrong, download and run ccleaner from piriform.com. Let it clean all the problems it finds in your registry, then run it again until it reports no errors. Reboot Windows normally, and the problem should go away.

Good luck!

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After running the free version of Malwarebytes Antimalware, you might also download Mike Lin's wonderful little Startup Control Panel app and install it. There are various tabs (pretty self explanatory) which will display a list of startup programs and you can UNcheck those you don't want to start--it's more comprehensive than the doc/settings windows-userid Start Menu list.

There is also another little app from Mike--Startup Monitor--which pops up a warning when a program installs and registers to run at start up. I've not used this--never knew it existed--but I have used Startup Control Panel and it's quite handy...

Hope that helps...

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Hugh Wyn Griffith
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Or use CCleaner where the STARTUP TAB under Tools enables you to uncheck and to delete. It's less complicated than Mike Lins (and works under Windows 7) since it just shows the one list which is all I need -- I could never understand the significance of the different tab groups in his applet which I used until recently.


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hugh: Or use CCleaner where the STARTUP TAB under Tools enables you to uncheck and to delete.
I didn't know that was an option in CCleaner...very cool...

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