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Default Garmin GPS

I'm hoping there might be someone else out there who uses a Garmin GPS outside of his/her own country.... I don't know if the Garmin web site is as truly dreadful as it seems or I am just stupid ... but I have never been able to find all of the information I need on it.

The current mystery is whether or not there are any City Navigator NT Europe cards more up to date than the one we already have. I'd swear they used to be dated so you could tell how current they were, but I now find no dates whatsoever on the City Navigator NT cards/CDs available online. Not on Garmin's site nor anywhere else I've looked for them. I certainly don't want to spend the $ for the same vintage card we've already got!

Updates for our Garmin's built-in maps are dated, and when I plug the Garmin into the computer the Garmin site recognizes it and tells me that there is an update available for North America. But it has nothing to say about the Europe card we installed last year. Very frustrating. I suppose I could buy a France/Benelux card instead. It would be cheaper and I know I don't already have it ... but for all I know the maps could be even older! Help?


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I have a Garmin GPS that I bought (several years ago) specifically for use outside the country, more specifically, in Central Asia, initially. I did a lot of research and found that there were no maps available for those areas that had anything more than the utmost sketchy straight lines for the two main roads in a country - so I got a model that didn't support maps at all since I wouldn't be able to use it anyway.

Last month I got a new phone with GPS built-in, supposedly with support for Google maps and all. I've yet to try it out, but I'll probably leave my Garmin at home: all I really need is lat-long for photographs. Elevation occasionally - no idea if the phone does that, no time to try it out. :-/ I just don't want to carry an extra box if one will do!

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