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Default BBEdit 9 released (Mac)

Bare Bones Software has released version 9.0 of its stellar, irreplaceable text editor (IMHO) BBEdit. It has scads of new features, including these:
  • Projects: Replaces and improves on “File Group” feature.
  • Auto-completion: BBEdit will figure out completions for your code or text as you’re editing, either after a delay in typing, or with a keystroke (your choice). Completion can be turned on and off on a per-language basis.
  • Edit in results windows and disk browsers: The text views in browsing windows (disk browsers, search results, syntax-check results, and similar) are now editable.
  • Modeless find/replace windows: Multi-file search now has a powerful window of its very own, and both the single- and multi-file search windows are modeless, meaning you can work in — and copy from — open text documents without having to close the search window. The search windows’ interfaces have been greatly simplified, without sacrificing any functionality.
  • Scratchpad: Enables one to manipulate text by performing quick transforms, manual edits, or batches of copy/paste. It is ideal for quickly beating text from one source into submission before pasting it elsewhere. The Scratchpad window automatically saves its content and state, eliminating those pesky “Save Untitled 237?” warnings when closing a window or quitting BBEdit.
  • Save/Copy as styled text: Saves your code as an RTF file, with the same indentations and text coloring as you see in your editor window. (The Copy variant copies the styled text to the clipboard.) ‘These features allow you to represent your documents easily in other applications, or even show them to other humans. Or mammals. Or even invertebrates, I guess.’
  • Improved Autosave: The application automatically saves its state (open documents and windows) once per minute, so if something bad happens to your machine, there’s a pretty good chance that the next time you start up, things will be as they were when the event occurred.
  • Tab-key functionality: The tab key can now be set to perform certain actions (in addition to its existing important-but-mundane function of indentation), including “go to next placeholder” and “indent text blocks.”
And much more, referred to as a “metric ton” of improvements and enhancements.

Upgrade cost for owners of any full commercial version of BBEdit from versions 8.7.2 back to the earliest versions is $30. Cost of a new license (or a license from demo versions or TextWrangler) is $125.

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