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Default I'm impressed! Twice.

Through Iconbuffet, where I still keep collecting icons, I found a site for Mac beginners. (There's actually a Mac "Clan" as well as a PC "clan" at IconBuffet, and I set up a group myself, too. ).

The site I found, Switch2Mac (in French) aimed squarely at Mac beginners, is quite informative, well laid out, and validates. (Pity that the guestbook script he's using doesn't produce valid HTML though.)

What impressed me, was that this was made by a 16-year old who taught himself HTML and CSS, by means of another site (also in French) le Site du Zéro, a community site for absolute beginners where they can find tutorials for web-related things. Starting with HTML and CSS - and this is about the best beginner's HTML tutorial I've ever seen. It teaches good structure, valid code, and doesn't shun explaining about accessibility aspects. All at beginners level, of course - but at that level most others just barely mention the alt attribute, and don't mention that it's required, or why. This site itself is quite accessible, and has an accessibility statement explaining all the features. Maybe it's not 100% (actually, there's no such thing), but it's good, and obviously made by people who care (a whole team of them, in fact.)

So, I'm doubly impressed. Even if you can read only a little French (or none at all) go have a look at both these sites - there's much to enjoy even if you can't read all the text.

Marjolein Katsma
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Coming from you, that is a very high recommendation! Time to dust of my schoolgirl/restaurant French, I think.
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