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Default Monitor of my dreams?

With my new PC in the process of being built, I have to decide on a monitor real quick-like or I won't have anything to hook up the PC to.

After some -- but admittedly not exhaustive -- research, I am leaning heavily (almost falling out of my chair) toward the NEC LCD2690WUXi.

It's a big monster -- 26" -- but I understand it's got a wider gamut, better image quality, yadda yadda yadda, than the 24" model.

The 26" is $1200 (plus shipping, since I'm sure not gonna find it anywhere local).

If anyone knows a reason why this monitor and I should not be joined in holy monitormony, please speak now ...

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Robin Springall
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That's quite a price tag, Marlene. The Dell 24" ultrasharp minataur costs around £500 and gets decent reviews (even from Mac magazines)

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Yeah, it's right dear. (Not to mention the fact I'm also considering the even more expensive NEC with the built-in SpectraView calibration thingy.)

I know a lot of people swear by their Dell Ultrasharps. But according to my notes (not that I know what the hell this stuff means), the Dells use S-PVA panels. The NEC uses a H-IPS panels, which is supposedly much better for some reason, and the NEC also has a wide gamut. (The 24" NEC has the same panel type but NOT the wide gamut.)

My feeling is that I'm no expert at editing photos so I need all the help I can get!

Mr. Excitement had an interesting proposition for me. He thinks I should buy the Dell (about $600 here), and if I don't like it, he'll buy it and then I can buy the NEC.

I think he's getting monitor envy. He's only got an 19" LCD.

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